International Talks Hold Promise on Trade for Iran

Interest in Iran as a destination for business is growing ahead of the latest international talks this month aimed at resolving a deadlock about Tehran’s nuclear programme. If the discussions between the six world powers and Iran progress smoothly, there is potential for sanctions against the country being eased and commercial routes being revived. A comprehensive deal between Iran and the United States, Russia, China, the UK, Germany and France would help to unleash what some observers believe has the potential to become one of the world’s most promising emerging markets. Read more: 



Standard Chartered Said China Would be a Champion of Free Trade

After the U.S. Trade Representative has once again put China on the “ Priority Watch List”, Standard Chartered has published a report that says China would become a real champion of free trade in the future. The report says China has become the world’s first “true mega trader” since Britain in the 1800s and its economy is far more dependent on opening up market overseas and at home than the U.S. .  The questions lies in how far away is the future? Arvind Subramanian from Peterson institute presumes that the country will take advantage its cheap exchange rate as long as it can and will only fully opens up at a point when that competitive advantage is lost.  Click Here

Cuba Publishes Text of Foreign Investment Law

In an attempt to attract foreign investment, a new law was published in Cuba on April 16th. The law, which gives tax breaks and property guarantees to investors, still makes projects fully financed by foreigners significantly more expensive than investments made concurrently with Cubans. The law requires foreigners to hire locals through a Cuban employment agency; it is a step in the right direction. Click Here.

Over 100,000 Protest in Taiwan Over China Trade Deal

s many as 116,000 protesters gathered in Taipei last weekend to rally against a trade pact recently signed with China. Proponents of the pact assert that trade liberalization will allow the Taiwanese economy to expand beyond its current limitations. Protesters are convinced that the pact will hurt Taiwan’s economy and give leverage to the Chinese government.?Click here.apply for jobs online