10 Countries Urge Japan to Abolish all Tariffs for Trade Accord

All other countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations, except the United States, are urging Japan to abolish tariffs on all products including rice. Agriculture has historically been very protected in Japan, so this could prove a roadblock to the negotiations. Learn more about the direction of these talks by reading?10 Countries Urge Japan to abolish all Tariffs for Trade Accord.?Click herepersuasive essay writing

How Putin Lost Ukraine

he relationship between the Ukraine and Russia remains strained over the issue of the Russian Customs Union, and the importation of gas. In recent years President Putin of Russia has been putting pressure on President Yanukovych of Ukraine to join the Russian Customs Union, which would require Ukraine to raise 11,500 customs tariffs.? This would severely hurt their economy, violate Ukraine?s membership in the WTO, and prohibit Ukraine from concluding any bilateral free trade agreements.? To exert his influence Putin has cut Russian gas deliveries in 2006 and 2009, and is escalating a tariff war on the Ukraine, who currently exports 1/5 of their goods to Russia.? Read the rest of How Putin Lost Ukraine by clicking here

Chicken Prices Set to Rise After Tariff Increase

There is currently an issue brewing in South Africa over the proposed increase in customs duties on imported chicken.? Association of Meat importers and Exporters chief executive David Wolpert warns that these duties could result in a 305 to 50% increase in chicken prices.? The argument centers on whether the increase in price due to the customs duties will be passed onto the consumer, as the total quantity of imports represents 12% of the total poultry soul in South Africa. You can access the report, Chicken Prices Set to Rise After Tariff Increase, by clicking here.

Canada Hurting Itself with Protectionist Practices in Agriculture: Report

Canada?s tariffs on agricultural products are among the highest of the food exporting nations, with tariffs as high as 246.8% on dairy imports.? The article Canada Hurting Itself with Protectionist Practices in Agriculture: Report explains that while Canada has entered into many new trade talks they have failed to address the highly-protected agricultural sector. Addressing this problem would be beneficial for Canada?s economy in the future. ?To read more Click here

Philippines Ready to Join EU’s New Duty-Free Trading Scheme

The Philippines is moving towards joining the European Unions?s new duty-free scheme, known as the EU Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+). ?The country already benefits from the regular EU GSP under which 2,442 products can be exported tariff free. But if they are accepted to the GSP+ this would increase to 6,274 products, adding an estimated 611.8 million euros in exports to the Philippines? economy! ?To learn more Click here.?



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Key Trends in International Merchandise Trade

Notwithstanding the economic crisis, world trade has increased dramatically over the past decade, rising almost threefold since 2002 to reach about 18 trillion USD in 2011. Developed countries continue to constitute the main players in international trade, however developing countries account for an increasing share. As of 2011 almost half of world trade has originated […]

Poverty and Trade Liberalization

How is poverty related to trade liberalization? Anthony Enisan Akinlo, Gabriel Adeleke and Aremo from department of Economics, Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria has recently published a report on The Effect of Trade Liberalisation on Some Selected Poverty Indicators in Nigeria (1980-2009): Generalised Method of Moments (GMM) Approach. Below is the abstract: ?The paper examined the […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The United State is currently negotiating two massive regional trade pact: The Trans-Pacific Partnership ( trade pact with 11 Asian and Pacific countries) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? (trade pact with 28 European Union members). Together, the 40 country comprises the lion?s share of the global economy. Hopes for regional pacts reignited debates […]