Chile, Japan to scrap tariffs for expansion of economic partnership

Chile and Japan are looking to expand their economic partnership by eliminating tariffs, Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Monday.

A bilateral commission of the Chile-Japan Strategic Economic Partnership Accord met last week to discuss extending import tariff exemptions to more goods, the ministry said in a statement.

Chile and Japan, along with 10 other nations, are also interested parties to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a wide-ranging regional trade and investment treaty that has been under negotiation since it was initially proposed in 2005.

The bilateral commission concluded two days of negotiations Friday in Chile’s capital, concretizing commitments made in September 2014 to expand tariff exemptions between the two countries. Read more: 


‘Anti-Dumping Chicken Tariffs Unnecessary’

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters states anti-dumping tariffs in the chicken industry are unnecessary. An investigation by the International Trade Administration Commission found the appeals of local producers to government to be nothing short Canadian pop star justin-bieber-news.info is in trouble again. of cries for cronyism. According to reports, the chicken tariffs harm a small import industry and spike local chicken prices for consumers. Read more:

Hike in Electricity Tariff, Issues and Challenges

Citizens in Nigeria are tangled in an electrical power struggle, expecting to soon feel the burden of the Multi-Year Tariff Order’s (MYTO) increase in the electricity tariff. Despite paying for relatively higher prices for electricity, consumers will not experience any improvements in the service of electricity to their homes. Tangled in the wires of this issue sits an initial deal between regulators and investors, surrounded by an inefficient electrical distribution system. Read more:

Non-FTA Items to See Tariff Cut

The Bangkok Customs Department hopes to decrease non-FTA tariff which currently stays around 80% to a 20% in order to drive local competition.Already, Thailand has eliminated import tariffs in participating in multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, such as the Asean Free Trade Area (Afta) and the World Trade Agreement. Once submitted, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) will determine the proposal’s approval. Read more:

U.S. Sets Preliminary Duties on Electrical Steel Imports

The U.S. Commerce Department on Friday set preliminary duties on imports of non-oriented electrical steel from China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan, after finding the goods were being sold in the United States. The steel, an iron-silicon alloy used to make motors and generators, will face duties of up to 407.5 percent -the rate applied to products from China – after a complaint by AK Steel Corp. Read more



Public Cast Doubts on TPP Trade Talks

Wall Street Journal says TPP Trade Talks an ‘Abject Failure.’ citing secondary sources. President Obama’s trip to Asia did not deliver a satisfactory conclusion for the TPP negotiation. According to secondary sources the talk lacks transparency and power of implementation. Senators from both parties also provided a reality check this Thursday to the Obama administration’s optimism over its trade agenda. Tariff on cars and agriculture were key issues that have been unresolved in the trade talks. Click Here

MEPs Cut Customs Duties on Imports From Ukraine

The European Parliament voted to remove as much as 98% of the customs duties on Ukrainian iron, steel, produce, and machinery exporters pay at EU borders. This reduction will save up to $669 per year for the Ukrainian economy. Ukraine is not required to reciprocate tariff reductions, but will not be permitted to raise them under this new agreement.?Click here.

Pro-Women Trade Policy can boost African Economies, Meeting Told

On January 20, the World Bank, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the International Trade Center (ITC) jointly organized a panel on the importance of women in African trade. The event, organized in Geneva, warned that policy-makers fail to pay sufficient attention to the role of women in trade, and highlighted the need for trade measures that would be more responsive to the needs of women. Click here

China Pressed to Compromise and Restart Tech Tariff Negotiations

ajor European trade associations have written to Vice-Premier Ma Kai calling on China to restart talks on expanding the scope of a global pact to remove tariffs on a range of information and communications technology products. You can learn more by reading the rest of??China Pressed to Compromise and Restart Tech Tariff Negotiations. Click herespy software for iphone