US Trade Deal ?Could be Biggest in History?

The benefits from a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are vast, including an estimated increase of 187 billion Euro in exports from EU companies into the US. ?This agreement would also benefit the United Kingdom?s economy with an estimated 10 billion ? increase in exports. ?To read how the TTIP would benefit the European economy, especially beef and lamb exports, please refer to US trade deal ?could be biggest in history? written by Mike Bridgen. ?To access the article ?Click here?


Japan Decides to Keep Tariffs on Beans in TPP Trade Talks

With fears rising about the influx of cheap imported beans hurting the country?s crop rotation and the production of other agricultural goods, Japan has decided to retain the tariffs it levies on imported beans in the TPP negotiations. To learn more about Japan?s decision making in relation to its tariff barriers in the TPP talks read more by Clicking here.?


Japan Considers Removing Wine Tariffs

As part of the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations Japan is currently considering removing tariffs on imported wine, which currently has a tariff of 15%. ?This would be in return for the other countries removing their restrictions on the importation of sake from Japan, which Japan needs as its domestic consumption of sake has dropped by 40% in the past decade. ?Learn more about this recent development by Clicking here.


CETA: What’s In The Canada-EU Free Trade Deal?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper preliminarily signed a landmark free trade agreement with the European Union on Friday, ushering in a political process that could last several years as the deal?s nuts and bolts are ironed out and Canadian provinces and EU member states deliberate the pact. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is being billed as the largest trade deal Canada has ever signed. Some 98 per cent of all tariffs on goods travelling between Canada and the EU will be removed, and trade is projected to increase by 23 per cent. To read the rest of the article Click here. ??


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