The Crisis In Ukraine Is Crippling Russia’s Foreign Trade

The magnitude of this harm from Ukraine Crisis is surprising to Russia. Rosstat just released fresh data, showing that Russia suffered an 11.4% decline in foreign trade comparison to March 2013 (to be precise, exports shrank by 12.7% and imports declined by 9.4%). In the span of just a few months, Russia went from experiencing extremely rapid growth in foreign trade to suffering an absolute decline. That is just one data point among dozens showing that what’s happening in Ukraine is a major break with past experience and that Russia, in many ways, is currently in uncharted economic waters. Read More

What It Takes to Über in Europe? Uber Facing Big Regulatory and Political Hurdles in Europe.

The American venture capital backed low cost ride-sharing start-up, named after the German word Über, which means access and excellence, has been rebuked in Europe which made its parent company embroiled in a complicated mesh of courtroom battles and public inquiries. Two weeks ago, a Berlin court placed an interim injunction brought by the Berlin Taxi Association against UberBlack. Neither was the company’s experience in France a romantic one. In January Parisian taxi drivers went as far as vandalizing an Uber car during a strike trying to break into a vehicle carrying a passenger. In Brussels, a city court effectively banned Uber, threatening drivers with a €10,000 fine. The low-cost ride sharing model which has proven to be pretty successful in the U.S. is struggling in Europe.  Click Here

Data Privacy Shapes up as a Next-Generation Trade Barrier

evelations about U.S. digital eavesdropping have fanned concerns about Internet privacy and may complicate U.S. attempts to write rules enshrining the free flow of data into trade pacts with European and Pacific trading partners.?As more and more consumers and businesses shop and sign up for services online, the IT industry is working to fend off rising digital protectionism it sees as threatening an e-commerce marketplace estimated at up to $8 trillion a year. Click here

East Africa: Ukraine Crisis Can Hurt East Africa

s the crisis in Ukraine deepened with the Russian occupation of Crimea, the question is, will East African economies be hurt by the standoff? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.?As the West moves to impose sanctions on Russia, it will mainly targeting its oil exports, which the country needs in order to earn US dollars. However, China will likely remain closely aligned with Russia and continue to purchase the latter’s oil exports. Thus, the sanctions will have little effect on Russia, but could drive up global oil prices as smaller producers struggle to keep up with global demand.?If that happens, traders in East Africa including Rwanda would be forced to hike their own prices to balance the additional overheads and the final burden would as usual be met by consumers. Click here

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