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Kenya: Regional Trade Hurt by Non-Tariff Barriers

This article explains how non-tariff barriers in the East African region remain the largest challenge to regional trade. ?This often results in people opting to trade with other countries on the African continent than ones in the East African Community. ?To learn more about this problem visit?http://allafrica.com/stories/201310050063.html online essays &nbsp

Philippines Ready to Join EU’s New Duty-Free Trading Scheme

The Philippines is moving towards joining the European Unions?s new duty-free scheme, known as the EU Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+). ?The country already benefits from the regular EU GSP under which 2,442 products can be exported tariff free. But if they are accepted to the GSP+ this would increase to 6,274 products, adding […]

US Trade Deal ?Could be Biggest in History?

The benefits from a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are vast, including an estimated increase of 187 billion Euro in exports from EU companies into the US. ?This agreement would also benefit the United Kingdom?s economy with an estimated 10 billion ? increase in exports. ?To read how the TTIP would benefit the European […]

Japan Considers Removing Wine Tariffs

As part of the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations Japan is currently considering removing tariffs on imported wine, which currently has a tariff of 15%. ?This would be in return for the other countries removing their restrictions on the importation of sake from Japan, which Japan needs as its domestic consumption of sake has dropped by […]

Taiwan and New Zealand Sign Free-Trade Agreement

Taiwan signed a free-trade pact with New Zealand, it?s first with a developed country, in a move that may help to reduce its dependence on Mainland China and increase its International profile. ?Read further about the implications of this deal and its relation to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, in which Taipei hopes to join. ? To […]

CETA: What’s In The Canada-EU Free Trade Deal?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper preliminarily signed a landmark free trade agreement with the European Union on Friday, ushering in a political process that could last several years as the deal?s nuts and bolts are ironed out and Canadian provinces and EU member states deliberate the pact. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is being […]

Free Trade Index Map: Explanation and Methodology

Freedom to Trade Internationally calculates the ranking based on Tariffs, Regulatory Trade Barriers, Black-market Exchange Rates, and Controls of the Movement of Capital and People. Tariffs is calculated based on Revenue from trade taxes (% of trade sector) and Mean tariff rate (unweighted mean of tariff rates) using data from International Monetary Fund, Government Finance Statistics Yearbook and World Tariff Profiles from World Trade […]