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Morocco Seeks to Boost Africa Relations, Investments

Moroccan King Mohammed VI is currently pushing further integration with the African continent. Regional integration has been a large contributing factor to the rising economic standing of Morocco. 85% of Morocco’s foreign trade takes place within Africa, with 26 agreements arranged with the Ivory Coast. These agreements with neighboring African nations vary among a range of private […]

Probe By Indian Intelligence Agencies Termed a Major Non-Tariff Barrier

Inquiries from Indian intelligence agencies have slowed trade and deterred potentially profitable exchanges between India’s trade partners including Pakistan. Probing by Indian intelligence has clogged the pathway of both imported and exported goods, mainly for small businesses and traders, including those trading vegetable and produce. The extent of trade complexity is evident though the onion […]

Non-FTA Items to See Tariff Cut

The Bangkok Customs Department hopes to decrease non-FTA tariff which currently stays around 80% to a 20% in order to drive local competition.Already, Thailand has eliminated import tariffs in participating in multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, such as the Asean Free Trade Area (Afta) and the World Trade Agreement. Once submitted, the National Council for […]

Power Trading Between Nepal and India

The integration of energy market through formation of Power Trading Companies helps to optimize existing energy resources and provides commercial outlook to the sector by catalyzing investment especially from domestic and foreign private sector, says Pramod Rijal, associate from Atlas’ Nepal based partner organization Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation. There is a free flow of electricity in […]

Kollaer: Expand Trade, Expand the Economy

Trade is at the very heart of economic success in Texas. Every year, Texas companies export hundreds of billions of dollars in goods and services to foreign markets. In fact, Texas has ranked as the nation”s #1 exporting Ce meilleur-casino-en-ligne.info a mis en vente des billets qui couvrent le buy-in pour le grand tournoi d’octobre. […]

Philip Morris : TTIP: Civil Society Protests Expand Against ‘Undemocratic’ Trade Pact

The European Commission agreed earlier this year to launch a process of public consultation on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). And, since early May, after demonstrations by numerous consumer, environmental protection and labor groups, the TTIP has become a theme debated across society, and criticism of the way the EC and the U.S. government, in close […]

Hacking Case Belies U.S., China’s Love-hate Relationship

The Justice Departments indictment last week of five Chinese military officials charged them with trying to pilfer confidential information from American companies. But even some of the alleged U.S. corporate victims of the hackers have little incentive to cheer any trade rupture with China. China may be trying to steal trade secrets from U.S. businesses, as […]

International Talks Hold Promise on Trade for Iran

Interest in Iran as a destination for business is growing ahead of the latest international talks this month aimed at resolving a deadlock about Tehran’s nuclear programme. If the discussions between the six world powers and Iran progress smoothly, there is potential for sanctions against the country being eased and commercial routes being revived. A comprehensive deal […]

The Crisis In Ukraine Is Crippling Russia’s Foreign Trade

The magnitude of this harm from Ukraine Crisis is surprising to Russia. Rosstat just released fresh data, showing that Russia suffered an 11.4% decline in foreign trade comparison to March 2013 (to be precise, exports shrank by 12.7% and imports declined by 9.4%). In the span of just a few months, Russia went from experiencing extremely rapid growth in foreign […]