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Status Quo Bias and the Difficulty of Reforming the International Economic Law System

“The more things stay the same, the harder they are to change.” Today, there are thousands of treaties that address problems with the international investment system dating back to the end of the colonial era. Meanwhile, anti-dumping laws purport to address “unfair” pricing for imports already deterred by anti-trust laws. There also remains the Export-Import […]

Single Visa System Gets Major Boost

A current project by the World Bank to promote intra-regional trade in Africa will create Univisa, a single visa system for countries who are members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The project will begin harmonizing visa requirements for the Kavango Zambezi Trans-frontier Conservation Area (Kaza) countries in Africa, starting with Zambia and Zimbabwe. […]

Iran, Qatar Mulling Establishment of Joint Free Trade Zone

Iran and Qatar begin are currently in the workings of a joint free trade zone. Already, the two Persian Gulf countries signed protocols to increase mutual cooperation in politics, economics, defense, security, and culture. In a recent trip, Iranian officials visited Qatar’s free economic zones, just after Qatari officials became acquainted with the economic and […]

‘Anti-Dumping Chicken Tariffs Unnecessary’

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters states anti-dumping tariffs in the chicken industry are unnecessary. An investigation by the International Trade Administration Commission found the appeals of local producers to government to be nothing short Canadian pop star justin-bieber-news.info is in trouble again. of cries for cronyism. According to reports, the chicken tariffs harm […]

EAC Urged to Toughen on Trade Restrictions

Experts say the East African Community (EAC) should stop treating trade restrictions and government interventions, which distort markets, as a diplomatic matter. Food security in particular remains an issue for EAC countries. While policy makers find themselves caught between consumer and producer interests, people are starving. Protectionist policies and trade barriers have hiked food prices […]

From Rice Cookers to Robots: Shopping for the Latest Gadgets in North Korea

North Korea’s 2014 Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair doubled in size compared to last year. Despite recent sanctions, many luxury items were available to consumers. Several of these products appeared to be from overseas, such as flat screen TVs, laptops and robot vacuum cleaners. Accordingly, accepted currencies included the Chinese Yuan, Euro, and US dollar. Foreign economists deem this increasing interest […]


Moldova is working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to steer its economy towards greater regional and global integration. After signing an agreement, Moldova will have free trade areas that permit access to two major markets: the European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIES). Programs are  currently being crafted to instruct […]

Hike in Electricity Tariff, Issues and Challenges

Citizens in Nigeria are tangled in an electrical power struggle, expecting to soon feel the burden of the Multi-Year Tariff Order’s (MYTO) increase in the electricity tariff. Despite paying for relatively higher prices for electricity, consumers will not experience any improvements in the service of electricity to their homes. Tangled in the wires of this […]