About Us

Atlas Network established AtlasFreeTrade.org in 2013 to foster greater research, advocacy and more collaboration among partners who share the goal of lowering trade barriers.  The project builds on a 2009 free trade campaign (previously housed at F2T.org), which saw 71 organizations from 48 countries join a coalition supporting free trade as a means to revitalize the global economy in wake of the financial crisis.

Today, Atlas Network is broadening that effort with AtlasFreeTrade.org, further supporting the work of think tanks advancing free trade around the world. Atlasfreetrade.org brings together insights and perspectives from prominent scholars, serves as a global syndication service for free trade analysis, and provides commentary and advocacy in an effort to raise awareness about the benefits of free trade in poverty-stricken regions where tariffs remain high.

Our Mission

AtlasFreeTrade.org is committed to assisting think tanks and other partners in promoting free trade.  We foster collaboration among partners engaged in research and equip them for effective advocacy. We provide research tools for academic inquiry and relevant advocacy. We support projects aimed at reducing trade barriers and spreading the gains and ideals of free trade.

The Atlas Free Trade Index Map provides hands on data on freedom to trade around the world.

The Atlas Free Trade Learning Hub offers resources and learning materials from our partners, friends and prominent trade experts.

The Atlas Free Trade Policy & Advocacy Guidelines provide think tanks, NGOs and individuals with key knowledge and recommends approaches for getting started with trade analysis.

We syndicate through Atlasfreetrade.org joint research efforts on various trade topics and support our partners’ publications, and media exposure.

We sponsor and co-sponsor workshops on international trade in Washington, D.C. and around the world to improve cooperation between think tanks, NGOs, businesses and individuals.