About Us

Atlas Network established AtlasFreeTrade.org in 2013 to foster greater research, advocacy and more collaboration among partners who share the goal of lowering trade barriers.  We bring together insights and perspectives from prominent scholars, serve as a global syndication service for free-trade analyses, and provide commentary and advocacy in an effort to raise awareness about the benefits of free trade in poverty-stricken regions where tariffs remain high. If you believe in free trade, join our network and share your thoughts on how to alleviate trade barriers and promote free trade.

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Our Mission

AtlasFreeTrade.org is committed to assisting think tanks and other partners in promoting free trade.  We foster collaboration among partners engaged in research, equip them for effective advocacy, and provide research tools for academic inquiry and relevant advocacy.

What We Do

  • Empowerment

    We provide think tanks, NGOs and individuals key knowledge and recommend approaches for getting started with trade analysis and free-trade advocacy.

  • Collaboration

    We syndicate through Atlasfreetrade.org joint research efforts on various trade topics and support our partners’ publications.

  • Impact

    We support partners that are committed to eliminating trade barriers in their countries and promote free-trade advocacy.